Corrin Mary Rohlf

My age: 15

My Birthday: November 2nd, 2002

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5'4

Eye Color: Blue or green (it changes)

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Favorite foods: Pasta, pizza, hot cheeto's, ice cream

Things I Hate: Tight/small spaces, heights, space, the ocean, when people chew loudly

Instruments I Play:
Guitar, ukulele, piano, flute

Music I listen to: Rap, country, pop, oldies, band concerts

Favorite Colors: Black, blue, gold.

Favorite Quote: You can always do it tomorrow.

Favorite Movie: The Bee Movie

Favorite TV Shows:
The 100, ParentHood, TWD, Reign, Stranger Things

Favorite Sports: Basketball, Track

Favorite Websites:

My Family



The Mains