Claire Dorinda Isakson

My age: 15

My Birthday:Sep 1, 2003

Hair Color: blonde/light brown

Eye Color: Blue

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Favorite foods: Pizza, Burgers, mashed potatoes, chocolate, coffee

Favorite Writer: F. Scott Fitsgerald

Things I fear: Deep water, many animals, things Raph explains in science , the sea

Favorite Artists: Halsey, Lennon Stella

Favorite Quote:"Moondust in your lungs, stars in your eyes, you're a child of the universe, a ruler of skies."
And anything and everything written by F. Scott Fitsgerald
Favorite Colors: yellow, dark green, pastell pink

Favorite books: The Book Thief

Things I find beautiful: The moon and the stars, the changing of seasons, the city during the night, forests, the ocean, rainy days

Favorite Sports: Basketball, gymnastics, track, dance

Favorite things to wear: Anything colorful, vintage, and unique

Clairebear, vegeclairian, Ory, Clarence, Clairlytail (Only my dad calls me that) Claireabelle (Only my grandma calls me that)



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Growing Up