Curtis Piepkorn

Favorite stuff

Birthday: July 5th, 2000 (7/5/00)

Eye color: dark brown

Favorite superhero: My mom

Favorite color: green

Favorite image:A man riding a lion with a sword and a army of polar bears

Favorite thing to do:Ride horse

Known for:Asking dumb questions .

Favorite thing to look at and enjoy: grass

Favorite types of music: i like music that i like.

One of my favorite quotes: "time is precious, waste it wisely."

Closest Friends: Ari Geerdes, Kieran johnston, Erik Strandlund and my Super Duper Best Friend Mccaleb Alleman.

Animals: I love dogs,horses,lions,polar bears,koalas and walrus'.

Favorite Movie: The Warrior

My Family




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